Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President Barack Obama bronze medal

This medal of Barack Obama, made by Daniel Altshuler, Sculptor is available in a 3" diameter bronze medal, limited numbered edition of 250, price $160.00 each, limited numbered edition 24k gold plated bronze of 100, price $350.00 each and 10" diameter bronze bas-reliefs, limited numbered edition of 25 per side (obverse and reverse), price $1,500.00 each side.

Packing, shipping is free with an order of 3 medals.

Contact: DIA Sculpture Studios http://www.altshulersculpture.com/

Or e-mail at daltshuler@nii.net

Barack Obama, medal 1/100 gold plated bronze by Daniel Altshuler, sculptor was given to the President by Senator Ted Kennedy.

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